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We have introduced various contests and remuneration programs that involve cash payouts. We would like to offer an option for recipients of the payouts to receive Capitalism Lab registration keys for additional benefits. Note that this is completely optional. You may receive your payouts entirely in cash without taking advantage of this option.

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While we often debate capitalism as a system, the nature of capitalist economies differ from country to country and rarely match up to the ideal. Why do these differences arise Is there a pure form of capitalism What is the nature of capitalism in advanced and emerging economies Why are capitalist economies often embedded in other social systems Why do some economies grow faster than others How do international institutions and interdependencies affect national capitalist institutions How are the strategies of multinational corporations (MNCs) influenced by their country of origin And how is the nature of capitalism changing today This course provides insight into these questions as it explores the nature of capitalism around the world, with specific reference to Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, China, Hungary, Nigeria, South Africa, Singapore, Israel, Argentina, and the advanced OECD countries. Students will leave this class with understanding key differences in how capitalist economies are organized and competition over the future of the world economy. 1e1e36bf2d


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