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When We Meet (Estactic Mix)

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When We Meet (Estactic Mix)

Pop music fans were ecstatic to see two iconic pop stars meet face-to-face for the first time ever. On Thursday, March 9th, Dua Lipa and the legendary Cher were seated next to each other at the Versace Fall Winter 2023/24 Show in West Hollywood, California. A video of the two of them meeting was captured and reshared by the pop culture Twitter account Pop Base.

In the video, Cher approaches Dua who gets up from her seat and sweetly says, "Hi. It's so nice to meet you," before shaking Cher's hand. The two then sit down and get ready for the show. Lil Nas X can also be seen just outside of the frame, sitting next to Dua.

While this week marked the first face-to-face meeting between Cher and Dua, the "Believe" singer did acknowledge Dua in a tweet from 2022. After a tweet calling Dua the "Cher of our generation" went viral, Cher responded by asking, "How many [years] are in a generation," with a thinking face emoji.

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I recorded the mix right when the first covid-19 lockdown was ending in Tel Aviv. I used my digital collection of ambient tracks, stuff that I accumulated through my explorations for Music 4 Standing Still, my Spotify ambient playlist. The mix itself was done on Ableton, where most of the stuff I do gets done.

When I think back at it, playing as a supporting act to Tame Impala and Laetitia Sadier of Stereolab (Not Stereolab, but Just as good), has felt surprisingly like any other show i played. In some of the cases the people I got to meet stayed friends (Like Laetita for example, who later collaborated with me in one of my bands, and even sang in Hebrew!), and in some cases the connections were unfortunately lost.

CARRIE BROWNSTEIN: In a time when one can easily manipulate an album's sequence, or bypass the purchase of an album and buy only one or two songs, how does that affect the process of making and sequencing an album? Why is it still important for musicians to put out albums and make artwork for that album? Or is it not important?

THURSTON MOORE: SY is a democratic band in the sense that no one is going to control any bit of songwriting regardless of how complete it is when brought to rehearsal. We all figured that by having Sonic youth as a forum specifically for the sake of collaboration, that allows us to work outside it so as to fetishize the personal desires each of us may have.

If you love the glitzy world of the show business, this is the perfect party for you. Oscar and movie reels toppings give any cupcake the glamour touch to help you celebrate. And there are never enough stars when we are going Hollywood.

Retrospectively, Bowie's original recording has been named one of his best songs, with many praising the haunting and unsettling nature of the recording. Following Bowie's death in 2016, Rolling Stone listed the song as one of his 30 essential songs.[14] The same year, Ultimate Classic Rock, in their list of Bowie's ten best songs, listed "The Man Who Sold the World" at number 10, calling it "one of his most haunting songs of all time".[26] They subsequently commended Lulu and Nirvana's cover versions for helping bring the song into the mainstream.[26] In 2018, NME, in their list of Bowie's 40 greatest songs, ranked "The Man Who Sold the World" number 17, writing, "[The track] is not just a vintage slice of Bowie story-telling but a key part in his '90s renaissance, 20 years later", due in part to Nirvana's cover, which appeared at a time when "Bowie's critical stock was at a career-low ... coming after Bowie's late-'80s run of maligned albums."[27] In 2020, Alexis Petridis of The Guardian ranked the song 23rd in a list of Bowie's 50 greatest songs, writing, "The title track of his eeriest album remains mysterious, creepy and haunting 50 years on."[28]



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