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this category is the most complex since it covers in-house systems that are often customized to an individual user. the key word is sole. if the user selects this option, they will be responsible for the upkeep of the system. for example, they must pay for the repairs and maintenance of the system. the user must also be accountable for any technical support needed by the system. the user must also select the frequency of technical support that they wish to have available to the system. furthermore, the user will have all of the risks associated with the system as well, such as the risk of data loss, damage to the system, loss of data, and the like.

as a general rule, technology transfer (information and training) is not considered to be an agency action in the foia context. however, a small number of documents concerning technology transfer may be placed in the public records of the agency.

controlling access to your data by app or content providers. the ability to gain access to specific apps or content on a users device can create vulnerabilities that a threat actor could exploit. when apps or content providers are granted access to a users data, the user may not understand all of the risks associated with app- or content-specific permissions and only know to revoke access to one app or content that was hacked. a threat actor can exploit these permissions to download or change data at will without regard to whether or not the user has revoked the apps permissions. therefore, if a user does not carefully review the permissions given to each app or content, a threat actor may be able to access information that the user does not wish them to access. 3d9ccd7d82


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