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Vintage Horns Kontakt Torrent.18

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Vintage Horns Kontakt Torrent.18

bill dudley has been contributing to kontakt and native instruments for more than a decade. i really like this nsynth-based brass instrument. it sounds great, is well constructed and looks and feels like a proper instrument. the timing is good and the range is very interesting. its a shame that the articulations arent calibrated as a whole, but its still a decent brass library.

a very promising site with many samples, but weve only had a month to sample them and make a judgement call. im glad we did, as the demonstration reminds us of the simplicity of programming the samples and how enjoyable this type of instrument can be. the design and usability are both solid, and the instrument has a strong choir sound. the solos are good, but it requires some work to create some interesting instrument patches. the brass is very playable and even though the articulations are few, theyre all well thought out. the instrument is great value for money.

samuel drumm is another brilliant sound designer. here he has created a library of high quality saxophones, from silent to non-silent. we use the term non-silent lightly as theyre still very playable and exciting sounding. this is a great library for any saxophonist. the articulations are well thought out and the samples are captured in such a way that we think theyll be useful for years to come.

we love our kontakt libraries at reverbnation and this brass library is no exception. the horns is a very impressive project with many different samples, great articulations, loops, solos, etc. it uses the proven and powerful kontakt engine and is well programmed and documented. it can be downloaded and played from the kontakt marketplace. 3d9ccd7d82


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