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Immortals Fenyx Rising [IMMORTALS FENYX RISING ...

Ubi takes it further though. Female Fenyx is on the marketing, the box art, the previews....Honestly until this very article I thought Fenyx was a specific character we were playing - like Pit, that it was her story. It's just weird after all that that Fenyx isn't the specific Fenyx we've seen as a fixed character. And after seeing all that it seems wrong to play as any other Fenyx since that's Fenix, not fenyx-entity-model1.

Immortals Fenyx Rising [IMMORTALS FENYX RISING ...

@VisitingComet1 Yeah, and as usual it's the people like ubi that go out of their way to virtue signal they end up demonstrating that they're doing it to hide their lack of virtue. I don't mind cardboard character creators if the game is sort of a first person story like TES it fallout. No real protag. But this game really seemed like they were telling Fenyxs story... And the fenyx they showed, i thought was our new character fenyx. To me they just refuse to commit to an actual female lead character out of fear the dude bros will revolt so they build marketing around the character they wanted, and then go and make a "build your own Link" creator anyway. Which is an odd step back for them. BG&E had an actual female lead and everyone loves that game... No revolt, lots of sequel begging. I'd much rather have a solid narrative with a well defined character than alwayays choosing myself as my avatar.

Fun game..... But horrid Ubisoft writing strikes again. At least that game makes clear you're a cardboard protag! I'm probably play fenix as the fenyx we've seen.... It just seems wrong otherwise. Maybe if i just keep calling it "gods & monsters" I'll embrace the build a character

@Banjo- you can play the whole game as a guy, it's like odyssey with a create a character. The marketing is just strange, they make it seem like fenyx it's a set female character but it isn't, it's your own created character but not with fallout level character creator.

@Banjo- Yeah yeah, like I said, weird marketing. It's just like odyssey, you can pick male or female protagonist, just both are named fenyx, no dlc required as far as I know, tough I did have the gold version. 041b061a72


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