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Ruhul Beyan Tefsiri PDF: A Guide to the Inner Meanings of the Quran

Ruhul Beyan Tefsiri PDF Indir: A Comprehensive Guide

If you are looking for a deep and spiritual interpretation of the Quran, you might want to check out Ruhul Beyan Tefsiri, a famous Sufi tafsir written by Ismail Hakki Bursevi, a renowned Ottoman scholar and mystic. In this article, we will give you a comprehensive guide on what this tafsir is, why you should read it, and how you can download it in PDF format.


What is Ruhul Beyan Tefsiri?

Ruhul Beyan Tefsiri (The Spirit of Explanation) is a 10-volume commentary on the Quran that was written by Ismail Hakki Bursevi (1653-1725) in the 18th century. It is considered one of the most important and influential Sufi tafsirs in Islamic history, as it combines exoteric and esoteric knowledge, linguistic and literary analysis, historical and contextual information, and mystical and ethical teachings.

The author and his background

Ismail Hakki Bursevi was a prominent Ottoman scholar, poet, jurist, and mystic who belonged to the Khalwati Sufi order. He was born in Bursa, Turkey, and traveled extensively to study with various scholars and masters. He wrote more than 100 books on various topics, such as theology, jurisprudence, philosophy, ethics, poetry, and mysticism. He was also a spiritual guide who had many disciples and followers. He died in 1725 in Tekirdag, Turkey.

The main features and themes of the tafsir

Ruhul Beyan Tefsiri is a comprehensive and detailed commentary on the Quran that covers all aspects of its meaning and interpretation. It is based on the four levels of understanding: the literal (zahir), the allegorical (batin), the spiritual (ruh), and the divine (sirr). It also incorporates various Sufi concepts and doctrines, such as wahdat al-wujud (the unity of existence), fana (annihilation), baqa (subsistence), maqam (station), hal (state), irfan (gnosis), marifat (knowledge), ishq (love), zikr (remembrance), etc. Some of the main themes that are discussed in the tafsir are:

  • The greatness and beauty of Allah and His names and attributes.

  • The prophethood and nobility of Muhammad (peace be upon him) and his family and companions.

  • The guidance and wisdom of the Quran and its miraculous nature.

  • The importance and necessity of following the Sharia (law) and the Tariqa (path).

  • The stages and goals of the Sufi journey and its challenges and rewards.

  • The moral and ethical values that Muslims should uphold and practice.

  • The signs and events of the end times and the hereafter.

The sources and references of the tafsir

Ruhul Beyan Tefsiri is based on a wide range of sources and references that Ismail Hakki Bursevi used to support his arguments and opinions. He relied on both rational and transmitted proofs, such as:

  • The Quran itself and its various readings (qiraat).

  • The hadiths (sayings) of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and his family and companions.

  • The opinions and interpretations of the classical scholars (mufassirun) from different schools of thought.

  • The works and teachings of the Sufi masters (awliya) from different orders.

  • The linguistic and literary tools, such as grammar, rhetoric, semantics, etc.

  • The rational arguments based on logic, philosophy, theology, etc.

Why should you read Ruhul Beyan Tefsiri?

Ruhul Beyan Tefsiri is not just a book of information, but a book of transformation. It is a book that can help you understand, appreciate, love, worship, surrender, serve, purify, elevate, nourish, enlighten, satisfy, your soul. Here are some reasons why you should read this tafsir:

The benefits of reading a Sufi tafsir

A Sufi tafsir is a commentary that aims to reveal the inner meanings of the Quran that are hidden from the ordinary eye. It is a commentary that seeks to connect you with the Spirit of Allah that speaks through His words. It is a commentary that invites you to experience the Quran as a living reality that can transform your life. By reading a Sufi tafsir, you can benefit from:

  • Gaining deeper knowledge: A Sufi tafsir can help you learn more about Allah, His attributes, His actions, His commands, His prohibitions, His promises, His warnings, His signs, His secrets, etc. It can also help you learn more about yourself, your origin, your purpose, your potential, your weaknesses, your strengths, your responsibilities, your rights, your destiny, etc.

  • Inspiring love: A Sufi tafsir can help you develop a stronger bond with Allah by showing you His beauty, His mercy, His generosity, His kindness, His forgiveness, His guidance, His support, His protection, His friendship, etc. It can also help you develop a stronger bond with His Messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him) by showing you his excellence, his character, his manners, his miracles, his struggles, his sacrifices, his achievements, his legacy, etc. It can also help you develop a stronger bond with His Book by showing you its eloquence, its wisdom, its majesty, its miracle, its guidance, its light, its healing, its mercy, etc.

  • Cultivating spirituality: A Sufi tafsir can help you grow in your faith by showing you how to worship Allah with sincerity, with devotion, with gratitude, with humility, with awe, with hope, with fear, with love, etc. It can also help you grow in your morality by showing you how to behave with honesty, with justice, with generosity, with patience, with forgiveness, with kindness, with compassion, with mercy, etc. It can also help you grow in your awareness by showing you how to remember Allah at all times, in all places, in all situations, in all conditions, in all states, etc.

Achieving happiness: A Sufi tafsir can help you attain happiness by showing you how to find peace in Allah's remembrance, how to find joy in Allah's praise, how to find satisfaction in Allah's will, how to find contentment in Allah's decree how to find


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