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Buy Motorcycle Tires

The front and rear tires of motorcycles are designed differently and because of this there sizes vary slightly. Motorcycle front tire is designed to steer. It is slightly smaller in width to make them more nimble. Motorcycle rear tire is designed to transmit all the power to the road. The width of the tire have more surface area for gripping. Simultaneously the tires are ensuring a firm grip on the road to prevent skidding.

The difference in the size of the rims relies on which type of motorcycle you own. Dirt bikes will have roughly the same rim size. Heavy bikes will have larger tires with the front rim slightly narrower than the rear. Choppers will have a more noticeable difference in the front and rear rims and a thinner tire sidewall. Custom built bikes can go either way with the rim sizes depending on their built function.

Motorcycle tires are available for purchase from motorcycle tire shop, large retail chain stores, and available online. Going to a motorcycle tire store is the best place to buy motorcycle tires, in one place you can purchase the tires and have them replaced. Some shops even offer a discount for new tires when you hand in your old tires.

The Large retail store carries tires from different manufacturers. The only problem generally sets that are stocked in such stores are for quick sale. There can be problems finding the right set for your motorcycle. At the same time, these stores make price comparison easier but require you to be there.

The price of a new set of tires will depend on the make and model of your motorcycle and the make and model of the tires you want to get. Motorcycle tire brands like Bridgestone and Michelin are considered to be on the more expensive end of the scale. The problem is all manufacturers try to create a vast range of products. The more expensive products are advertised vigorously, and the more affordable set hides under the shadow.

Cheap motorcycle tires are cheaper to other sets in comparison. There is no magic set of tires that will leave you with a large sum of change. To get the most out of your buy figure out what do the tires have to do for you. The different uses can be commuting, highway driving, performance-driven, or a long road trip. The best motorcycle tires for you ultimately is a combination of requirement and budget. has literally thousands of different discounted motorcycle tire models and sizes in stock and available for almost any type of bike you might have within the four main categories:

For Cruisers and V-Twins, you typically want tires that will support a heavy load while still providing a good grip and comfortable ride. Touring and Sport Touring forms are usually geared towards the long haul and are typically made of harder rubber for a high load that are also all-season rated and engineered for providing longer tread life. They often tend to provide more grip at lower temperatures. Sport touring tires are primarily used for long-distance capabilities and of concerning high loads. With Sportbike tires, you want to pick one that is designed to handle speed and horsepower while still delivering a high level of mechanical and chemical gripping for cornering and steering. Race Tires are typically engineered various racing and riding conditions with an emphasis on maximizing traction to give you an edge in getting faster lap times and more competitive performance.

Dual Sport and Adventure kinds need to give you excellent performance regardless if you are riding on or off-road. However, if you know that you will be more frequently on one of the terrains over the other, then you should select one that favors that terrain style. For instance, if you are going to be more frequently off-road on dirt, then you might want to select an ADV Tire that is 70% dirt and only 30% street which would give you a more knobby pattern. One of the main advantages of getting Dual Sport tires is that most are DOT approved so that you can be both safe and street legal at the same time.

A Motor Scooter, also called a Scooter for short, is essentially a smaller type of motorcycle with a "step-through" frame design that also has a platform for the rider to place their feet upon. Though elements of scooters were present in earlier machines, the first real scooters didn't come onto the scene until around 1914. A Moped, on the other hand, is similar to a Scooter but the main difference is that it more like a motorized bicycle. In other words, it is a bike that has both pedals and a small motor with an engine displacement of less than 50 cubic centimeters to assist the rider with more ease while pedaling and to go faster. The word Moped literally comes from the combining of the two words Motor and Pedal. Scooter Tires are designed to provide comfort, longevity, and grip for almost any riding environment.

Buying cheap or discount motorcycle tires doesn't mean that you should have to sacrifice on quality, freshness, or delivery time either. At AMT, we only sell factory brand new tires with no blemishes or defects and the constant rotation of our stock helps ensure that you are getting the freshest items available in the industry. Shop our low prices for yourself and you will discover that our tires are so competitively priced that even hundreds of different motorcycle shops buy directly from us too.

Here at AMT, we also know that getting a great deal on a set of new tires for your ride won't do you any good if you have to wait like forever to receive them. That is why we do everything we can to make sure that we provide you the fastest shipping turnaround times too. That's right; when you shop at AMT, you will get the newest inventory and fastest shipping from 15 different warehouses strategically located all across the USA to get you your gear in the shortest amount of time possible.

We also have a great selection and prices for ATV tires and UTV tires too. Shop our low prices for yourself and you will discover that all of our tires are so competitively priced that even hundreds of different Motorcycle and Powersports shops buy directly from us too.

Motorcycle Tires are essentially the exterior part of motorcycle wheels that are attached to the outer side of the motorcycle's rims to allow for better acceleration, braking, gripping, stability, handling, and comfort. Aside from providing traction for use on a trail or road surface, they also serve for rider comfort as they act as a cushion between your machine and ground and help prevent the rider from experiencing any major vibrations or jerk during their ride.

Back in 1895, the first styles were called pneumatic tires. This style was originally invented for the bicycle seven years earlier in 1888 by John Boyd Dunlop who later went on to found the Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre Company.

These early tires used to be made of real rubber, but nowadays, newer manufacturing technologies are being implemented and the manufacturers are now using such things as synthetic rubbers, nylon, silicone, carbon fibers, and other high tech compounds to make them even more flexible, safe, durable and reliable.

One of the biggest advantages of a Radial tire is that they are designed to dissipate heat better which allows for the motorcycle rider to go even faster. One of the downsides of the early style of radials was that the process tended to result in making the sidewalls a bit too thin which made them more susceptible to punctures. However, with new manufacturing processes, they are now infusing different compounds such as Kevlar or Aramid fibers into the sidewall portion to make them stronger, puncture-resistant, and longer-lasting.

It is always recommended to stick to the construction type that the motorcycle manufacturer recommends. However, it's completely your choice if you want to stray from those recommendations and make any changes.

So, in general, bias-ply tires typically have very stiff sidewalls, which makes them a popular choice for all the heavier motorcycles and ones with heavier loads. Bias-plies are also the only construction that can be used with motorcycle tubes for off-road riding and with spoked rims. The Bias-ply option will typically yield higher millage results too. Radials, on the other hand, provide a rigid construction with lower temperatures and options with smaller aspect ratios.

In some cases, riders will choose to mix and match Bias-Ply and Radial types together with a different version on the front versus the rear. However, if you choose to go this route too, then make sure that you only place the Radial model on the rear and not on the front. However, in all cases, it is highly recommended to use at least the same manufacturer and/or the same model for both the front and rear tires to maintain similar properties and performance levels.

Choosing between tubeless and tube-type tires depends on the rim type that is mounted on your ride. For example, tubeless versions are mainly designed for airtight construction. That's why spoked rims wouldn't work well with this application because they would most likely develop air leakage problems with a tubeless ones mounted on them. Hence, combining it with an inner tube is recommended for such rims, but in all cases make sure you pick the correct tube stem type and size.

Whereas, with alloy rims, tubeless tires are recommended. However, there is typically no harm in using the inner tubes with tubeless styles too. In fact, this configuration is recommended to be used when either the wheels are torn out or have air leakage issues. It is important to select the right size of valves for the tubeless style as per the valve hole in the wheel. The size of the valve hole is typically 8.3 mm.

When the rubber meets the road, you'll be glad you've got quality motorcycle tires on your bike. Choosing the right tires is one of the most important decisions a rider can make and lucky for you, J&P Cycles has something for every type of bike and riding style. We make the process even easier with our Motorcycle Tire Finder at the top of this page. You'll be able to locate exactly what you're looking for by position and size. Browse all the top brands, including Dunlop, Michelin, Metzeler, Avon, Bridgestone, Shinko, and many more. You'll be hard-pressed to find a larger selection of tires for sale anywhere else.While you're here, ensure tire performance, longevity, and safety by maintaining your new investment. This includes checking out our selection of Motorcycle Tire Accessories for everything you'll need to mount and balance your new tires, including inner tubes, rim strips, valve stems, and wheel weights. It's all waiting at so get shopping and get back out on the road with fresh rubber beneath you. 59ce067264