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Through Abandoned: The Refuge Game Review - A Mysterious Point and Click Adventure

Through Abandoned: The Refuge Game Review - A Mysterious Point and Click Adventure

If you are a fan of point and click adventure games, you might want to check out Through Abandoned: The Refuge, the third installment of the Through Abandoned series by Igor Krutov and Trinity Project. In this game, you play as a protagonist who is searching for their twin brother who vanished in a strange place called Abandoned, a hidden world between parallel dimensions. You will have to explore various locations, solve puzzles, play mini-games, and uncover the secrets of the Refuge, a mysterious sanctuary that holds the key to your brother's fate.

Through Abandoned: The Refuge is a classic point and click adventure game that features hand-drawn graphics, atmospheric music, and a captivating story. The game is divided into six chapters, each with its own theme and challenges. You will encounter different environments, such as an underground subway, a windmill farm, a seashore, and a piano room. You will also face some enemies and traps that will test your reflexes and logic. The game has a simple interface that allows you to interact with objects, collect items, and use them in your inventory. The game also has achievements that you can unlock by completing certain tasks or finding hidden secrets.

The game is not very long, but it offers a satisfying and rewarding experience for adventure game lovers. The puzzles are well-designed and varied, ranging from easy to hard. Some of them require you to pay attention to clues, patterns, or symbols, while others require you to manipulate objects or play mini-games. The puzzles are not too obscure or illogical, but they are not too obvious either. You will have to use your brain and your intuition to solve them. The game also has a hint system that you can use if you get stuck, but it is not too intrusive or spoilery.

Through Abandoned: The Refuge Game

The game's story is intriguing and mysterious, as you gradually discover more about the Abandoned world and the Refuge. You will learn about the history, the culture, and the secrets of this place, as well as the fate of your brother and other people who ventured there. The game has multiple endings depending on your choices and actions throughout the game. The endings are not very different from each other, but they offer some closure and some surprises. The game also has some references and connections to the previous games in the series, but you can enjoy it as a standalone game as well.

Through Abandoned: The Refuge is a game that will appeal to fans of point and click adventure games who enjoy exploring mysterious worlds, solving puzzles, and uncovering secrets. The game has a captivating atmosphere, a compelling story, and a satisfying gameplay. The game is not very challenging or innovative, but it is well-made and enjoyable. If you are looking for a game that will immerse you in a fascinating adventure, you might want to give Through Abandoned: The Refuge a try. 29c81ba772


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