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Pokémon UNITE: Cross-Platform Play, Unite Moves, and More on iOS

As of writing, Pokemone Unite is only available on Nintendo Switch, however, it is coming to mobile later this year in September. This means players on Android and iOS will need to wait a bit longer to get into some Pokemon MOBA madness. It also means players cannot play this game on PC using what most would consider a traditional MOBA setup with a keyboard and mouse. Now, for those with a Nintendo Switch, downloading Pokemon Unite is as simple as downloading any other game on the system.

To get Pokemon Unite, you will need to download it from the Nintendo Store on the Nintendo Switch. The game is free-to-play, though it does feature microtransactions in the form of premium currencies used to unlock Pokemon.

download pokemon unite on ios

You are about to download the Pokémon Unite for iPhone and iPad (Require iOS 10.0 or Later): Pokémon Unite is a free Strategy Game: Pokémon UNITE, Choose a Pokémon and team up!, Choose your team wisely ...

Most of you are probably looking to revisit the classic Pokémon games above. But we also wanted to take a moment to acknowledge some of the other Pokémon games you can download directly from the iOS App Store.

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While Pokemon Unite has only been out for a few weeks on Nintendo Switch, there has already been multiple updates, new characters, and data-mining leaks. It has attracted MOBA players and Pokemon fans with its accessible free-to-play download, but hasn't been without criticism either. This hasn't stopped Pokemon Unite's popularity yet, and while the Switch is a great portable console, many fans are eagerly awaiting for the game to come to mobile devices.

Pokémon Unite (stylized as Pokémon UNITE)[3] is a free-to-play, multiplayer online battle arena video game developed by TiMi Studio Group and published by The Pokémon Company for Android and iOS and by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch.[4][5] It was announced in a Pokémon Presents presentation on 24 June 2020.[5] The game was released for the Nintendo Switch on 21 July 2021, and was released for Android and iOS in 73 countries on 22 September 2021.[6] As of August 2022, the game has been downloaded over 80 million times across all platforms.

The Nintendo Switch version of the game was officially released on 21 July 2021. The mobile versions for iOS and Android have been released as of 22 September 2021.[17] TiMi plans to continue development of the game after its official release, such as offering new playable Pokémon as downloadable content, the first of which became available for players on 28 July 2021.[18]

By 16 September 2021, the game had been downloaded over 9 million times on the Switch,[34] with over 7.5 million mobile pre-registrations prior to the 22 September mobile release.[35] By 1 October, research company Sensor Tower reported that Unite has been downloaded 30 million times for mobile devices, while The Pokémon Company confirmed that the game has been downloaded over 25 million times on all platforms by 4 October.[36] On 6 December 2021, The Pokémon Company announced that the downloads figure had reached 50 million.[37] It was further confirmed that the game passed the 70 million downloads mark in April 2022,[38] and 80 million by August 2022.[39]

Pokémon Unite is now available for download and is ready to play on Android and iOS. It's the same free-to-start MOBA with the same maps and monsters the launched on the Nintendo Switch in July, though the Pokémon Unite team recently rolled out a new update in preparation for its mobile debut. In a post on the game's official website, producer Masaaki Hoshino detailed the new features, starting with full cross-platform support and account linking capability across mobile devices and Nintendo Switch.

Pokémon Unite is now available for download for iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch, Sept. 22, Wednesday. The Pokémon Company launches a free Pokémon Unite mobile download for anyone with an Apple phone or tablet with iOS 10 and above, while Android 4.4 and other superior versions for Android devices.

Pokémon Unite mobile download links are available on the Pokémon Unite official website. Just click on the 'Available Now' button at the upper right corner of the homepage. You can also go directly to Google Play, Apple Store, or Nintendo website to download Pokémon Unite mobile for free.

Your phone is not powerful enough or you want to improve your gaming experience? Welcome to this tutorial on how to play Pokémon Unite on PC! For this, we will use an Android emulator to download Pokémon Unite on Windows. This will give you better performance and better graphics. In this guide we will use theLDPlayer emulator which currently supports Pokémon Unite best. You can even play it with the controller!Download Pokémon Unite on PC

In order to simulate the Android environment on your PC (Windows 10 or 7), we will install an Android emulator. To do this, go to this download page and click on "Download Pokémon UNITE on PC". If you are on Mac OS, I advise you to use BlueStacks but Pokémon Unite is less well supported for the moment.

Once the emulator is installed, you will need to download Pokémon Unite on PC. To do this, go to the Play Store to LDPlayer. Search for the game and click on "Install" as on a standard Android device.

You can now download Pokémon Unite on Android and iOS, after its Switch launch earlier in the year - this is one of the most anticipated mobile games this year, wracking up at least 5 million pre-registrations according to the company itself.

This isn't the case for Pokémon Unite though, for one great reason: you're not playing online as soon as you download the game. Instead you have to set up a profile and go through a little tutorial, to ensure you know how to play the game, while assets download in the background.

This is a genius way to ensure the multitude of people downloading and installing Pokémon Unite don't all try and access the servers at once, as the tutorial might slow some people down. By being staggered, the players won't overload and crash the servers, and they'll try to play the game over a longer period of time.

Pokemon Unite has reached a milestone. The free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena game has crossed 100 million downloads, a significant achievement. Developed by Timi Studio Group, the game launched only last year but has proven a success on mobile platforms that Nintendo is still branching out on.

On Twitter, Pokemon site Serebii shared the news that Unite has been downloaded more than 100 million times (via Nintendo Life). To mark the occasion, the developers are celebrating by giving out 1000 Aeos Coin and one Gold Emblem box. All users have to do is use the code: THANKYOUFOR100MM.

Pokemon Unite was downloaded over one milliont times just in the past month, according to Sensor Tower, with revenues generated around the $500,000 mark over that period. It's by far The Pokemon Company's most successful mobile title, beating out the likes of Pokemon Quest and Pokemon Home.

However, the onus will be on The Pokemon Company and the developers to ensure players get a good experience especially with so many downloads translating to a significant fanbase. It remains to be seen if Unite can maintain its momentum over 2023, but we'll be sure to keep an eye on it here at TheGamer.

It's not recommended to use APK & IPA files to download Pokemon Unite as there can be issues concerning the use of third-party files. Players can download Pokemon Unite on their mobile device's Official Market (Google Play or Apple App Store).

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has finally been released to us muggles. The AR mobile game developed by Niantic Studios and Warner Bros. Interactive allows you to become a wizard and rescue characters from the Harry Potter universe. The game is officially available on iOS and Android starting today, so you can download it now. For fans that have been waiting to pick their houses, save Hagrid from a spider web and live out their magical fantasies, this game is for you.

Players who want to try the newest Pokemon Go (but with magic) inspired game can download it on their mobile devices. On Android, you can find the game under the Play Store by searching for "Harry Potter." You can do the same on iOS by searching the App Store. The games are under 100 megabytes and are fairly short downloads that are easy enough to just start playing once you get your information put in.

Pokemon Unite hit a new download milestone. The combined Android, Apple iOS, and Nintendo Switch downloads are now over 50 million. This comes after its July 2021 console launch and September 2021 mobile launch. To celebrate, everyone will get Aeos Tickets starting on December 8, 2021.

This new hallmark shows how the mobile port influenced its growth. After Pokemon Unite launched on the Switch in July 2021, it took until September 2021 to hit its first announced milestone. After about two months, it passed 9 million downloads. To honor that accomplishment, people also got 2,000 Aeos Tickets.

According to AppMagic, Pokémon UNITE generated 2.8 million downloads on September 26, with its total number of downloads reaching 5 million. The game has reached $1.7 million in revenue on iOS and Android to date.

Pokémon Duel is available for users with the operating system iOS 7.0 and higher versions, and it is available in English and Japanese. Its current version is 3.0.0 and it has been updated on 2/01/2017.Since we added this app to our catalog in 2017, it has managed to obtain 4 installations, and last week it had 0 download.The install size of Pokémon Duel depends on your mobile device.

You cannot download iNDS through the official app store, you will in-fact have to download it via a third party app store such as TopStore, AltStore or through Cydia. This does mean jailbreaking your phone, which may put some of you off.


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