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Evadare: The Ultimate Incredibox Mod with 3 Chapters and Original Music

Evadare Download Incredibox: How to Play the Scary Music Game

If you are looking for a fun and creative way to make music, you might have heard of Incredibox, a popular music game that lets you create your own music with the help of a merry crew of beatboxers. But did you know that there is a scary version of Incredibox called Evadare? In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Evadare, how to download it, and how to play it. We will also give you some alternatives to Evadare in case you want to try other music games.

evadare download incredibox

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What is Evadare?

Evadare is a fan-made mod of Incredibox, created by Rem, a talented modder and artist. It is a horror-themed music game that features spooky characters, sounds, and bonuses. It also has a story mode that follows the adventures of Rafe, a human who tries to survive in a town full of monsters.

The story and gameplay of Evadare

Evadare has three chapters: Evadare, Xrun, and Void. Each chapter has a different setting, mood, and challenge. The first chapter, Evadare, introduces Rafe and his situation. He wakes up in a dark alley, surrounded by creepy creatures. He has to find a way out of the town before he gets caught. The second chapter, Xrun, shows Rafe running away from the monsters on a motorcycle. He has to avoid obstacles and collect items while making music. The third chapter, Void, reveals the true nature of the town and its inhabitants. Rafe has to face his fears and find the truth behind his nightmare.

The gameplay of Evadare is similar to Incredibox. You have to drag and drop icons onto the characters to make them sing and create music. You can also find combos to unlock animated bonuses that will enhance your mix. However, unlike Incredibox, Evadare has a darker and more sinister atmosphere. The sounds are more distorted and eerie, and the bonuses are more violent and scary. You can also interact with some elements on the screen, such as doors, windows, and items.

The features and benefits of Evadare

Evadare is not just a music game, but also a creative platform and an educational tool. Here are some of the features and benefits of playing Evadare:

  • You can create your own music with original sounds and effects.

  • You can explore different musical styles and genres.

  • You can record your mixes and share them with others.

  • You can learn about rhythm, melody, harmony, and composition.

  • You can improve your musical ear and sense of timing.

  • You can experience a thrilling story with immersive graphics and animation.

  • You can have fun with your friends and family.

How to download Evadare?

If you want to play Evadare, you need to download it from Rem's website or Google Sites. You also need to have Incredibox installed on your device. Here are the requirements and steps for downloading Evadare:

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The requirements and steps for downloading Evadare


A computer or a mobile device1. Go to Rem's website or Google Sites

Incredibox app (paid)2. Download Incredibox from the App Store or Google Play

Evadare mod (free)3. Download Evadare from Rem's website or Google Sites

A file manager app4. Install a file manager app on your device, such as Files by Google or File Manager by Astro

A zip extractor app5. Install a zip extractor app on your device, such as WinZip or RAR

After you have downloaded and installed all the required apps, you can follow these steps to play Evadare:

  • Open the file manager app and locate the Evadare zip file.

  • Open the zip extractor app and extract the Evadare folder.

  • Copy the Evadare folder and paste it into the Incredibox folder.

  • Open the Incredibox app and select Evadare from the menu.

  • Enjoy playing Evadare!

The tips and tricks for playing Evadare

Evadare is not an easy game, but it is very rewarding. Here are some tips and tricks to help you play Evadare better:

  • Experiment with different combinations of icons and characters to find the best mix.

  • Listen carefully to the sounds and match them with the rhythm and mood of the chapter.

  • Pay attention to the hints and clues on the screen to find the bonuses and secrets.

  • Use headphones or speakers to enhance the sound quality and immersion.

  • Save your mixes and share them with others to get feedback and inspiration.

What are some alternatives to Evadare?

If you like Evadare, you might also like other music games that offer similar or different experiences. Here are some of the pros and cons of other music games, and some of the best alternatives to Evadare according to user reviews:

The pros and cons of other music games

Music GameProsCons

Incredibox- Easy to use and fun to play- Variety of musical styles and themes- High-quality graphics and animation- Educational and creative value- Not very challenging or interactive- Limited number of sounds and effects- Repetitive and predictable gameplay- Expensive app

Groovepad- Simple and intuitive interface- Huge library of sounds and genres- Customizable pads and effects- Free app with in-app purchases- Requires internet connection- Ads and pop-ups- Laggy and buggy performance- Low-quality sound output

Musyc- Innovative and original concept- Physics-based music creation- Unlimited possibilities and combinations- Free app with in-app purchases- Complex and confusing interface- Steep learning curve- No story or goal- No sound recording or sharing feature

DJMax Respect V- Challenging and addictive gameplay- Over 150 songs from various genres- Online multiplayer mode- High-quality graphics and sound- Expensive game with DLCs- Requires high-end PC specs- Difficult controls and mechanics- No music creation feature

Cytus II- Engaging and immersive story mode- Beautiful art style and design- Diverse and dynamic music selection- Free game with in-app purchases- Hard to master gameplay- Requires internet connection- Limited number of songs per character- No music creation feature

The best alternatives to Evadare according to user reviews

Based on user reviews, here are some of the best alternatives to Evadare that you can try:

  • If you want a music game that is similar to Evadare but less scary, you can try , a futuristic version of Incredibox that features robots, hackers, and glitches.

  • If you want a music game that is different from Ev adare but more challenging, you can try , a premium version of Groovepad that offers more sounds, genres, and features.

  • If you want a music game that is more creative and experimental, you can try , a paid version of Musyc that unlocks more shapes, colors, and effects.

If you want a music game that is more competitive and social, you can try , an online mode of DJMax Respect V that allows you to play with other pla


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