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Zynga Poker: Play for Free, Win Real Prizes

Just got the latest firefox update, now i can't play zynga poker. _holdem/before update, i can play it, but after 1 day it slows down, have to close and restart firefox. it happened also in Developer edition. It never happened on chrome.

Playing Zynga poker on my phopne. One thing that gives me grief is that I make it all the way to the River, win the hand, but without getting to see the hole cards from other players who went the distance with me. This happens about half the time when I win. I want to know what the other player had when he raised, as that would tell me something about his betting behavior.

zynga poker

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You're not supposed to see losing hands after they fold. It's a good feature so players WON'T reveal their strategies. That's the way you play poker; by not revealing strategies. So good for Zynga if they aren't showing hole cards in such cases. And I'm glad they don't cause I don't wish for you to know my strategies. The same applies when you win, and choose not to reveal your winning hand or strategy. It's called a "muck" feature. And in most sites you can turn it ON or OFF (if you turn it ON or leave it ON (usually ON by default), you're smart, if OFF or choose to boast and show your cards like some dumb and cocky monkeys I sometimes see who reveal their hands to sometimes "show-off" or just for "show", then the muckers will get the last laugh baby. Some kids are so cocky and dumb, and I love taking their chips, which is likely their Daddy's money, anyway. Glad that Zynga has "auto-muck" (I hope they do at least), cause I don't see a check box for mucking. Mucking means you never show your cards whether you win or lose PROVIDED you folded if you lost or everyone else has folded if you win (especially when you win, not just lose like your case above). And by the way, if you play poker for real money, you're a fool baby.

Zynga Poker, a free-to-play mobile poker game, is changing things up a bit by adding short deck hold'em to its popular app. It marks the first time Zynga has added a new poker variant since its launch 14 years ago!

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Short deck is a common game spread among high-stakes games in certain parts of the world, most notably Asia. Pros such as Tom Dwan and Phil Ivey often promote the poker variant, but it hasn't yet taken off in the lower stakes games in the United States. Perhaps, Zynga's introduction of short deck to its audience will help spark the game's growth.

PokerNews reached out to Zynga Poker's product manager, Malhar Singh, to discuss the mobile game's addition of a new poker variant as the company celebrates its 15th anniversary this year.

Are you a poker fan? Zynga Poker is one of the largest online poker communities, and there are countless games being played 24/7. Zynga provides you a starting bank of chips, allowing you to start playing without spending a dime. If you want to learn how to play Zynga Poker like a true card shark, see Step 1 below.

Whenever me and my sisters play "Texas holdem Poker" by Zynga on facebook. It uses me and my sister's computer's gpu like crazy. I have a gtx 2070 and this this is eating 80-100% of it most of the time. This is based on 2 weeks of data from me and my sister's computer (she has the gt 750m in hers). Here is my task manager snip showing the high gpu usage. You can see there is only the zynga poker tab open in chrome. Can anybody please explain this. I have a feeling they are running a mining java-script on the background.

Zynga Poker is social in a way that most games on Facebook or not. The average Facebook game lets you interact with your friends through the occasional visit to their virtual home, or by hiring a picture of their avatar to work for you, or by letting you compare your high score with theirs, or one of a thousand other indirect interactions between you and other players. In Zynga Poker, on the other hand, you're actually sitting at a table with friends and strangers, battling for virtual chips in real time.This difference means more than just the ability to chat with your fellow players and send gifts directly to their chair, though both are nice features. It means that Zynga Poker is a true battle of competitive multiplayer strategy, rather than merely a story of inexorable progress. The basics of which hands win and what hold cards are good can be learned in no time, but the vagaries of betting strategy and bluffing can take a lifetime to master, and vary depending on the personalities of the real people you're playing against. In poker, you're playing the other players as much as you're playing the cards.So it's not surprising that poker is one of the most popular genres on Facebook. Zynga's version is the most popular of those on the network, helped along by cross-promotion from Zynga's other games, but also by an excellent interface. Cards are large and easy to read, and the game provides helpful sound effects to help you follow the betting action. The small bell that sounds when its your turn to act is especially nice, making it easy to follow the game even when you're multitasking. The interface is also helped by handy checkbox buttons that let you check, fold or call any bet before it's your turn to act, so you don't have to constantly be on the watch for your chance to act.

"As an avid and lifelong poker player, this is really my dream gig," said Carnes. "Plaor is ten pounds of awesome in a five pound package. I get to design poker games, meet and play with celebrities, and give back to charities all at the same time. It's an incredible combination. Plaor and Hollywood Poker are bound for glory and I'm excited to be able to contribute towards that end."

A poker hand has a certain rhythm in how it unfolds. Understanding not only the rules, but also what actions can be taken at what time, is one of the most important things for any new player to get comfortable with.

Zynga poker is a social atmosphere, and one that can be used to get a basic understanding of table dynamics. That is a great skill to have at a poker table, because one of the most important aspects of playing winning poker is understanding how the personalities of the people sitting around the table interact with one another.

Real-money poker games are not a get rick quick scheme. It takes a lot of hard work to be a winning player, not the least of which is the mental game and your mindset at the table. Learning to handle the swings that are an inevitable part of playing poker for money are a lot easier if you are playing the game not just for profit, but because you enjoy it.

29-year-old Ashley Mitchell has received two years in a UK slammer after being found guilty of hacking into a computer server, and stealing 400 billion (yes, BILLION) virtual poker chips from Zynga, makers of popular social networking games such as zyngapoker, FarmVille and MafiaWars.

Driven to fuel his 1,000-a-day gambling habit, the ex-council clerk from Devon transferred the online poker chips to a number of Facebook accounts he had created and sold the chips to poker lovers at a fraction of the price.

my account also got hacked, they pretend from zynga sending friend request to give bonus hundred millions chips, but this is fake request to lead you to the phising apps at facebook. If you already got hacked, it cannot be healed at zynga server, you need to remove zynga poker apps from your facebook, then create new facebook profile, start with the new one, and secure your facebook password with cellphone authorization.

I want to report spam on zynga poker because my account is in suspension notice with out any reason and my friend's dad's account was in the same condition with 700 m some thing in it ! I want to kick zynga people for suspending my account with out any reason or i need a proof why was my account suspended !

\"The largest poker site in the world...\" - ESPN.COMZynga Poker offers an authentic poker experience with a sophisticated design, along with new features that inspire competition and mastery.Join the #1 free online Texas Hold 'Em Poker game! Play for fun with your friends or compete against millions of users every day. With the largest variety of tables, Zynga Poker is the best place to practice your poker skills, whether you're a beginner or expert. Download now and receive 20,000 FREE chips and 5 gold!FEATURES:- Play casual Texas Hold 'Em or competitive Tournaments like Shootouts and Sit-N-Go. - Win up to 225,000 FREE chips daily with Lucky Bonus Slots!- Play Zynga Poker seamlessly across all Web and Mobile versions - just login with your profile!- Full support for Turkish, Italian, French, German, Simplified & Traditional Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian.UNIQUE TO THE NEW ZYNGA POKER:- Win real world prizes during special events* - Modern, sophisticated look with rich animations - Intuitive lobby gets you to your favorite table faster by remembering how you like to play- Smarter, precision betting controls built for your fingertips* Geographic and age restrictions may apply. Winning is not based on outcome of play.Let us know what you'd like to see next by hitting us up on Facebook or Twitter:Facebook: : of this application is governed by the Zynga Terms of Service. Collection and use of personal data are subject to Zynga's Privacy Policy. Both policies are available in the Application License Agreement below as well as at Social Networking Service terms may also apply.Terms of Service: -of-serviceZynga Poker Leagues Real-World Prizing: NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. PURCHASE WILL NOT IMPROVE ODDS OF WINNING. Open to 18+ residents of AU, CA, DE, FR, US, UK. 2/2 - 4/6/15. Subject to Official Rules avail. at -poker/league-rules; see for free entry method, odds, prizes, claim details, ARVs and restrictions. Void where prohibited. Sponsor: Zynga, Inc., 699 8th St, San Francisco, CA 94103.


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