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How To Download Enur Feat. Natasja Calabria Club Mix Zippy For Free

Enur feat. Natasja - Calabria 2007: A Dance Hit with a Tragic Story

Enur feat. Natasja - Calabria 2007 is one of the most popular dance songs of the 21st century. The catchy tune, the infectious saxophone riff, and the energetic vocals of Natasja Saad made it a global hit that topped the charts in several countries and became a staple in clubs and parties.

How to Download Enur feat. Natasja Calabria Club Mix Zippy for Free

But behind this upbeat song lies a tragic story. Natasja Saad, also known as Little T or Natasja, was a Danish rapper and reggae singer who was born to a Danish mother and a Sudanese father. She started her music career at the age of 13, performing with various bands and artists. She was also a successful equestrian who competed in international events.

In 2006, she collaborated with Danish producer Rune Reilly KÃlsch, also known as Enur, to record a new version of his instrumental track Calabria, which was originally released in 2003. Natasja added her vocals in English and patois, creating a fusion of dancehall and house music. The song was released in 2007 under the name Enur feat. Natasja - Calabria 2007 and quickly became a sensation.

However, on June 24, 2007, just as the song was gaining momentum, Natasja died in a car accident in Jamaica. She was only 32 years old. She was on her way to the airport after performing at a local festival when the car she was in crashed into a utility pole. She was pronounced dead at the scene, while three other passengers survived with injuries.

Natasja's death shocked the music world and her fans. Enur dedicated the song to her memory and donated part of the proceeds to her family. He also released a tribute album called Raggatronic in 2008, which featured some of Natasja's unreleased songs and collaborations.

Enur feat. Natasja - Calabria 2007 remains a timeless classic that celebrates Natasja's talent and legacy. You can listen to it on Spotify[^1^] or watch the official video on YouTube[^2^]. You can also check out a remix by HERB on YouTube[^3^].

Natasja was not only a singer and rapper, but also a social activist who used her music to raise awareness about various issues. She was involved in campaigns against racism, sexism, and violence. She also supported humanitarian causes such as AIDS prevention and relief for Sudan. She was known for her positive attitude and her love for life.

Enur is a Danish DJ and producer who specializes in electronic dance music. He started his career in the late 1990s as part of the duo Artificial Funk, which had a hit with Together in 2002. He then launched his solo project Enur, which stands for "enough" in Danish. He is also known for his collaborations with other artists such as Nicki Minaj, Mims, and Beenie Man.

Calabria is a region in southern Italy that is known for its culture, history, and cuisine. It is also the name of a folk instrument that resembles a wooden flute. The saxophone riff in Calabria 2007 is inspired by the sound of this instrument. The original version of Calabria by Enur was an instrumental track that sampled the riff from a song called Destination Calabria by Alex Gaudino and Crystal Waters. 04f6b60f66


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