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  • What services are provided by the caregivers?
    At Home for Good Senior Care, our caregiver services range depending on the type of care needed. In some cases where more specialized care is required we would have a CNA (Certified Nurses Assistant) make sure that your loved one is properly cared for. On the other hand some cases would only require companionship and even lighthouse keeping. We can determine the type of care needed when complete a in home assessment.
  • Are your caregivers experienced and trained?
    We prefer to hire CNA’s and/or caregivers that have experience with the elderly. We are also licensed by the Illinois Department Public Health which requires our caregivers to undergo training in body mechanics, infection control, abuse and neglect, and management strategies for home care. We are staffed with nurses and CNA’s who are available for consulting if needed so they can handle any situation that occurs.
  • Do you provide senior services to those in nursing homes or assisted living facilities?
    Yes, our caregivers not only work in homes with seniors but we also provide service in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Although nursing homes and assisted living facilities can provide adequate service, sometimes when extra care and companionship is required we can be a supplementary solution.
  • How is Home For Good Senior Care different from all the other similar companies out there?
    We have a good relationship with many of the other home care companies in the local area. This helps us understand how we compare with our peers in the industry. One thing that we pride ourselves in is that we are not just a staffing agency but a we are a trusted resource for senior health care issues. Many times our representatives perform presentations on topics such as Osteoporosis, How to live to be 100 and Senior nutrition. We genuinely believe that our elders should live a life of substance and not just existence. We have homecare specialists that make home visits regularly to follow-up and ensure that both our client and caregivers are comfortable together.
  • What are the home care rates?
    The rates vary depending on the type of care needed. There are both hourly rates and 24 hour live-in care rates. Please call us to discuss price ranges. You will find that Home For Good Senior care rates are extremely competitive as compared to others in the field. You will find that we deliver excellent quality at a very affordable price.
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