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this topic is a broad one focusing on spacecraft thermochemistry and the development of systems to serve the science community interested in it. because spacecraft require an entire system of fluid management and energy generation for their operation, the community is interested in proposals that provide assessment and development of materials that are lightweight, pliable, able to withstand harsh environments, and provide necessary energy to the spacecraft. assessments of material technologies are solicited for their application to spacecraft where energy is a performance metric, or that are being developed for energy use.

ion propulsion systems have been suggested to enable "clean" propulsion, for use in spacecraft and interplanetary exploration, and for earth-orbiting satellites. however, laboratory verification of this principle, and cost issues to implement, have not been addressed.

this topic solicits concept studies of the integrated power and energy systems required for space-based and deep space instruments. topics solicited include the development of flow control techniques (e.g., open/closed loop flow control, feedback control, constant flow control, and closed loop flow control) to improve the efficiency and power output of the integrated power and energy systems. in addition, concepts are sought that address loss factors, system constraints, and hardware related issues. applications that solve known problems or improve on current processes are of special interest.

under this topic, we are soliciting concept and technology proposals and discussions on tools that can enable understanding of planetary environments and their relationship to the development of pre-biological life, including development of advanced methods and ideas to explore the probability of life at the present day on our planet. 3d9ccd7d82


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