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Mohalla Assi Movie Download In Hindi 720p Torrent _BEST_

How to Download Mohalla Assi Movie in Hindi 720p Torrent

If you are looking for a way to download Mohalla Assi movie in Hindi 720p torrent, you have come to the right place. Mohalla Assi is a 2018 Hindi-language satirical drama film directed by Chandraprakash Dwivedi and starring Sunny Deol, Sakshi Tanwar and Ravi Kishan. The film is based on the novel Kashi Ka Assi by Dr. Kashinath Singh, which is a satire on the commercialisation of the holy city of Varanasi and the exploitation of foreign tourists by fake gurus.

Mohalla Assi movie download in hindi 720p torrent


The film follows the life of Dharamnath Pandey (Sunny Deol), a Sanskrit teacher and a conservative priest who lives in the Assi Ghat area near the river Ganges. He is a staunch defender of the ancient values and traditions of India and resists any change that threatens his identity. He is also against the influx of foreign tourists who come to Varanasi in search of spirituality and enlightenment.

His life changes when he meets Kanni Guru (Ravi Kishan), a young and charismatic guide who makes money by fooling the foreigners with false stories and rituals. Kanni Guru introduces Pandey to Alice (Alex Christopher), an American woman who wants to learn about Hinduism and Sanskrit. Pandey agrees to teach her, hoping to impart his wisdom and faith to her.

Meanwhile, Pandey's wife Savitri (Sakshi Tanwar) struggles to cope with the rising expenses and the changing times. She also has to deal with the pressure from her relatives and neighbours who want her to adopt a more modern lifestyle. She tries to support her husband's ideals, but also questions his rigidity and intolerance.

The film also depicts the socio-political scenario of India in the late 1980s and early 1990s, such as the Ram Janmabhoomi movement, the Mandal Commission implementation, the liberalisation of the economy and the rise of communalism. The film shows how these events affect the lives of the characters and their relationships.

Mohalla Assi was initially delayed for three years due to legal issues and controversies. The film was banned by the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) for allegedly hurting religious sentiments and using abusive language. However, a preview copy of the film was leaked online by the producers themselves. The film finally released on 16 November 2018 after getting clearance from the Supreme Court.

Mohalla Assi is a film that challenges the stereotypes and myths about Varanasi and its culture. It exposes the hypocrisy and corruption that have plagued the holy city and its people. It also raises questions about the meaning and relevance of religion in today's world. The film is a bold and honest portrayal of Varanasi and its culture.

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