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Kung Fu Traveler 2 !!EXCLUSIVE!!


At the age of 19, Tiger Chen went to the United States,[4] where he lived in a small wooden shack. He said: "In China, at least you can practice kung fu and attend martial arts competitions, but in the United States, you will find that most of your time in washing the dishes and being a porter."[5] Tiger Chen became a student of Hong Kong martial artist Yuen Woo-ping in 2000s.[1]

Story: In the future, Earth has almost entirely been conquered by invading aliens as they want the planet's resources. The last human military base in the world which hasn't been taken over yet is in China. General Chen (Tiger Chen) is the first man who manages to stand his ground against an alien. His martial art skills give him the edge. Since most knowledge about kung fu has been lost during the last century, though, it has to be retrieved from the past. The plan is to send a robot into 19th century China to learn kung fu and save the knowledge on a chip which is then used in the future to teach robots kung fu. Xu Zi Ying (Wang Zhi) is acually in love with General Chen, but he is already married. Therefore, she decides to give the time-traveling robot the face of the general and travel through time alongside him. Having arrived in 19th century it turns out that China has to fend off the French, and the robot who introduces himself as A Jie shows his exceptional skills against the French. But the master he is supposed to learn Southern Kung Fu from, Zhou Chenglin (Yang Zhe), isn't willing to take a disciple after his best student has fallen in the fight against the French. Now, the whole mission is in jeopardy.

The idea to send a robot into the past in order to learn kung fu, since it is the only thing that can take out aliens, is funny, but also completely ridiculous. Parallels to China's history in which foreign powers had to be fought back, even though they were equipped with firearms, is too obvious, yet the director can't hide the fact that the plot is simply rubbish. Making Tiger Chen ("Man of Tai Chi") play the robot isn't a bad idea since he isn't necessarily known for his acting chops. Naturally, it turns out that you can only learn real kung fu if you have attained enlightenment. And for this, on the other hand, emotions are needed. But isn't it actually the other way around and you should sever all mundane bonds in order to find the answer of all answers(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle []).push();

Since not even the most basic of time traveling rules has been understood by the filmmaker, and since the story in the past turns out to be soulless, the characters lack color and since on a technical level it should be criticized, next to the abysmal CGI, that the editing looks choppy and whole parts of the soundtrack have been cut off as we suddenly find ourselves in the next scene, we at least could hope for some neat action, right Yes, you can hope, but you won't get it. The fights are completely unimaginative and to make matters worse are ruined by unnecessary use of wires and way too much slow-motion. Being produced for Chinese streaming service iQIYI this sci-fi flick may look like a cool idea on paper, but the end product is a complete and utter disappointment. There isn't even a showdown against the aliens in which spectacular kung fu moves are used to turn the tides of war. At least, this would have been cool on a B- or C-movie level. 1e1e36bf2d


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