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How To Write A Taylor Swift 'Folklore' Song In Less Than An Hour

The rollout of that album has been, as Vulture describes it, more traditional than other fare from the star lately. For "Midnights," there was a long lead-up, a social media tease of track names. "The plan would be to unveil one per night pulled from a bingo-ball cage," Vulture writes. Compare that luxurious rollout to how Swift unveiled her previous two albums, which was . . . not really at all. They were just there, "folklore" and "evermore," announced by Swift less than 24 hours before their respective releases, with barely enough time for the youngest fans to save up enough babysitting money. Stay up or jump up: Swift keeps fans on their toes.

How to write a Taylor Swift 'Folklore' song in less than an hour

As Swift teased out song titles like a siren bingo hall caller, fans expressed wonderment, bordering on exasperation, about the late-night reveals of "Midnights." "Can someone tell @taylorswift13 to please get a normal sleep schedule. I'm 32. How am I supposed to stay up till midnight on a work night?" one wrote on Twitter. "Taylor never wants us to sleep again" is the title of a YouTube video where the fan starts by yawning. "Taylor Swift had me up all night last night," she says, speaking to the camera in her bathrobe.

Although her fandom is considered extreme, Swift certainly isn't the only artist who commands instant allegiance. To land concert tickets these days, you need to be terminally online or you'll miss them. As I write this, I'll still adrenalized from scoring Tori Amos tickets to a performance announced less than 24 hours ago. Gone are the days of seeing an announcement for a show, marking your calendar, and carefully waiting at the appointed time outside a box office. Now you're stuck in the dreaded Ticketmaster waiting room, number 2,000, mere hours after learning a performance was even scheduled. No time to coordinate with friends, barely time to check your bank account balance. The frenzied nature of modern fandom can lead to panicked, impulse buys. NBCNews, in an article about the "chaos surrounding ticket sales," describes current concert ticket buying as "competitive and expensive" while the Wall Street Journal says, "Buying concert tickets increasingly feels like a losing game."

On Thursday morning, the music superstar shocked fans when she announced a brand-new album would be released in less than 24 hours. Fast-forward to today and pop culture fans can't stop singing, analyzing and listening to her latest album titled folklore.

Early this afternoon (23 July), Taylor Swift unveiled a huge secret - the release of her eighth album folklore. Not only did she announce it, but she's releasing it less than 24 hours after announcing it.

Aaron Dessner has since posted about folklore himself, and shared a statement about the album. Dessner writes, "I was excited and honored when Taylor approached me in late April about maybe writing some songs remotely together. I had been isolating with my family but writing a ton of music in the first months of quarantine which I shared. I thought it would take a while for song ideas to come and I had no expectations as far as what we could accomplish remotely. But a few hours after sharing music, my phone lit up with a voice memo from Taylor of a fully written version of a song - the momentum never really stopped."

Last month Haim released a remix of "Gasoline," their latest Women in Music Pt. III single, featuring the self-proclaimed "4th Haim Sister" Taylor Swift. During a cover story with Porter magazine, Danielle Haim went into a little more detail about how their longtime friend's verse came to be, revealing that they received Swift's contribution less than 24 hours after asking her to be a part of the remix.

Taylor Swift released evermore, her ninth studio album and sister record to folklore, on Friday. Already, less than 24 hours since its release, conspiracy theories abound on the real-life events the pop star seems to be alluding to on some of its tracks, specifically regarding her public fallout with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, her relationships with both Tom Hiddleston and Joe Alwyn, and musings about her place in it all.

When Swift released folklore earlier this year, I wondered about the impact of doing a surprise album drop vs a traditional album promotion. Her strategy was pretty simple: simultaneous posts announcing folklore across her social media accounts, less than 24 hours before the album's release at midnight. So, would album sales/streams be higher due to the added excitement from fan conversations and media stories about how the album was released?

folklore and evermore were no different. When Swift premiered the willow music video, she openly shared Easter eggs in the YouTube live chat. And despite Swift saying that these albums were much less autobiographical than her previous ones, fans still spent hours deciphering every line looking for hidden meanings and connections.

Less than 24 hours after announcing the existence of her ninth studio album, "evermore," Taylor Swift has released all 15 tracks (plus two bonus ones). The work came less than five months after "folklore's" debut in July of 2020. It is meant to be a sister album with a similar mood, sound, and style. 041b061a72


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